10 Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You to Define Success on Your Own Terms


    Success as an entrepreneur is hard to explain. Although we immediately think of making it a lot of wealth, success does not always mean that. Rather it comes down to defining it on your own terms and managing your life according to those principles.

    Below are 10 entrepreneurs you may not have heard of, but they have achieved their own success and inspired you to do the same.

    To me, this list of entrepreneurs represents several things:

    • Their view of success is very different from the traditional view of success.
    • They remove all the glitz and glamor and focus on the core values ​​and principles that have drawn them to the other side.
    • They are honest about their own stories and admit when things weren’t good or they were wrong.

    Among many other reasons why I think these entrepreneurs are inspiring.

    1. Leon Ho, founder and CEO of Lifehack

    CEO and founder of Leon Life hack. His story is about how he went from a simple life to running a successful business and helping people re-prioritize life and focus on the most important things.

    Over the years he has spent his life expanding his career thinking that in order to be successful, you have to give up some aspects of it to survive. After hitting a low point from this thought, he realized what was so wrong with this argument.

    He begins to prioritize his lifestyle and is living a happier and more successful life on his own terms. He is now even sharing all the experiences and skills he has learned throughout his journey Full life framework course.

    2. Laurel Egan Kenny, founder of Turningpoint Communications

    Laurel Egan is the founder of Kenny Turningpoint Communications And much of the credit for his success goes to the relationships he created. While there were certainly some bad ones – such as former employees using its own training materials for their own purposes – several were good. These relationships have pushed her business to new heights and shaped how she reaches out to clients and her staff.

    3. Amit Khabar, owner of Hopskipmedia

    Amit owns the news Hopskipmedia. He defines success as being able to balance work and life. Many entrepreneurs dedicate their entire being to a business and this can sometimes be counterproductive. Like Leon, before he changes, people spend so much time on one thing that other areas of their lives begin to slip.

    Amit’s success is not always about making a huge and prosperous business at the cost of your own intelligence. It’s all about balancing everything.

    4. Andrei Vasilyescu, founder of DontPayFull

    Its founder is Andrei Vasilescu Don’t payful, Think that success is determined by how many ideas you come up with that actually work or exceed expectations. Although performance is relative to an individual, a simple metric to determine if you are making a profit is a good baseline.

    While this is a success, in essence, looking at the number of ideas that have turned into a profit is a good measure of whether you are doing it or not.

    5. Kevin Tucker, founder of Solitude Lake Management

    Explaining in more detail about performance-based success, Kevin Tucker believes that success comes from taking good care of four things. He is its founder Solitude Lake Management And the characteristics of caring for employees, clients, communities and the environment as important measures of success.

    Looking closely at these four areas, his business is growing year after year without any problems.

    6. Stephen Alred Jr., founder of Noncap IO

    According to its founder Stephen Allard Jr. KnowCap IOSuccess transcends the surface level of earning enough money to stay in business. Success is also defined by quality of life. If you work long hours and just make money, this is not a real success.

    What is essential is that the money you are earning is allowing you to change your lifestyle in such a way that you can lead a more ideal life.

    7. Tim Brown, founder of Hook Agency

    Its founder Hook Agency, Tim Brown is one of those inspiring entrepreneurs who thinks like Stephen Allard Jr. – able to do whatever you want. When Stephen Allard Jr. focused on life in general, Tim Brown’s success came from being able to take his business the way he wanted.

    This kind of thinking is strong because despite the ups and downs of the journey, he is still improving without much worry as he is able to move his business forward.

    8. Sue Duris, founder of M4 Communications

    Founder of Sue Duris M4 communication And has built its success around customer retention. Of course, being able to retain and gain more customers will increase your revenue over time.

    However, it is still puzzling how this concept is not always applied. After all, there are some businesses out there that simply because they have made the most of that market and are the only option.

    When you prioritize caring for your clients, success will come and Sue Duris’ company is an example of that.

    9. Nate Masterson, founder of Maple Holistics

    Its founder Maple Holistic, Nate Materson has made a name for herself by doing what other successful entrepreneurs have done. With a page from Kevin Tucker, he also looks at those four main aspects. He kept an eye on himself while caring for his staff, community, customers and the environment.

    Although this success story is like the others, it shows that common methods are often the answer to being rich and successful.

    10. Erin Paruzewski, Founder and CEO of Alkaline Studios

    Erin Paruszewski is the ultimate inspirational entrepreneur. His success story Alkaline studio A reminder that trying alone does not guarantee success. When working for someone, the pay-off is very clear – exchange your time for money. But when going into business, you take a lot of risks that it may not work.

    This aspect alone drives Erin to turn into a business she can be proud of. Behind the scenes, careful planning and taking risks that he valued brought him into a business that made him successful.

    The latest thought

    While success is about making enough money to make some of it, there are different ways to get there. It is not always big and glamorous but success can be something easier. And these inspiring entrepreneurs show us that every day.

    You don’t need a million dollar idea to get started. Rather you need a certain mindset and have special values ​​that you can follow that can lead you to success.

    Image by Mart Productions; Pixels; Thanks!

    10 Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You To Determine Success On Your Own Conditions Originally published Calendar By John Rampton.

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