11 instruction must followed in the HSC examination


The country’s education system has been hit the hardest by the Corona epidemic. After the closure of educational institutions at all levels for almost a year and a half, the transition situation has improved and schools and colleges are being reopened gradually. Increasing class time and number. Following this, this year’s HSC and equivalent examinations are starting from December 2. It will end on December 30. The Ministry of Education released the schedule on Monday (September 26). The ministry has issued 11-point guidelines for HSC candidates, including compliance with hygiene rules, to ensure healthcare at test centers during adverse times of Covid-19.

The 11 point instructions are

1. Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, tests will be held in accordance with proper hygiene rules.

2. 30 (thirty) minutes before the start of the test, the candidates must sit in their respective seats in the test room.

3. First multiple choice and then creative / compositional (theoretical) test will be held.

4. Test time 1 hour 30 minutes. There will be no break between MCQ and CQ parts test. Distribution of unwritten answer sheets and multiple choice OMR sheets at 9:30 am, distribution of multiple choice question papers at 10 am, collection of multiple choice answer sheets (OMR sheets and creative question papers at 10:15 am). Distribution of unwritten answer sheets and multiple choice OMR sheets at 1:30 pm, distribution of multiple choice question papers at 2:00 pm, and collection of multiple choice (OMR sheet) answer sheets and creative question papers at 2:15 pm.

5. Candidates will collect their admission forms from the heads of their respective institutions.

6. Each candidate will fill the circle by writing his / her roll number, registration number, subject code etc. in the OMR form in the answer sheet provided. Under no circumstances should the answer sheet be folded in the margin or for any other purpose.

7.Matters containing practicals have to be passed separately in theoretical, multiple choice and practical notebook sections. The institution will provide the practical book (notebook) number of the respective examinee and provide the numbers to the concerned center by 03/01/2022. The concerned center will send the number of the notebook online on the board’s website.

8.Each candidate can take part in the examination only on the subject matter mentioned in the registration card and admission form. Under no circumstances will you be able to take part in other subjects.

9. No examinee’s examination will be held in his / her own college / institution.

10. Candidates will be able to use common scientific calculators in the test. The programming calculator cannot be used.

11. The officer in charge of the test center can use feature phones (excluding smart phones). Besides, no one else will be able to use the phone during the test.

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