Apple’s AR headset to weigh just 300 grams and offer hand tracking


Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shares his predictions regarding the alleged AR headset. He says it will weigh between 300 and 400 grams, which is quite light to start with, and will be powered by M1 silicon.

Apple's AR headset weighs just 300 grams and uses Face ID-type sensors for tracking

But since the AR glasses will rely on the user’s hand gestures to navigate the user interface, the device will also contain advanced tracking hardware. The analyst believes the company will use a combination of ToF (time of flight) and structured light sensors. These are the basis for facial identification in today’s iPhones, but since the user’s hands will be further away, the sensors will need to increase their range by 200%.

The software will also be able to detect the “dynamic change in detail” of the hands, which would further improve accuracy. This is how Face ID works – it can detect facial expressions that don’t interfere with the unlocking process.

ToF sensors, on the other hand, are said to help with low latency tracking and improve the headset’s field of view.

It’s also worth noting that according to internal sources, Apple is already working on a second iteration of the device, which will likely be even lighter than the first. This suggests that Apple is about to launch the original version.

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Shovon Ahmed
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