Astronomer at the age of 6

    Ever since Nicole Olivier barely learned to walk, she has been trying to reach the sky and touch the stars. Now just eight years old, this Brazilian child has become known as the youngest astronomer in the world.

    Nicole Olivier is associated with the NASA-related asteroid search program. In addition, Olivier participates in various international seminars and meetings with the country’s top astronomers and scientists. Many affectionately call her Nicolina.His house is full of posters of the solar system. There he identified asteroids by looking at different pictures of the sky on two large screens connected to his computer. NASA’s project is called ‘Asteroid Hunters’. Through this project, children and adolescents are given the opportunity to identify asteroids.

    The project is being managed by the International Astronomical Research Collaboration, a NASA-affiliated citizen science program with the Brazilian Ministry of Science. Olivier claims he has already discovered 16 asteroids. He wants to name them after Brazilian scientists and their family members. If his findings are certified by NASA, Olivier will become the youngest asteroid discoverer in the world.

    This process, however, takes several years. Earlier, the youngest asteroid discoverer was 18-year-old Luigi Sanino of Italy. Earlier this year, Olivier’s family moved to the town of Fortaleza, a thousand miles from Messi, after receiving a scholarship to a prestigious school. Oliveira’s father is a computer scientist and her mother is a craftsman. Her mother Jilma Janaka said, “When Oliveira was two years old, she would raise her hand to the sky and say, ‘Mom, give me a star.’ I can understand his interest in astronomy from the time he asked for a telescope as a gift on his birthday at the age of four. I didn’t even know what a telescope was then.

    Oliveira says, ‘I want to be an aerospace engineer when I grow up. I want to make rockets. I want to go to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to see their rockets.

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