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Atlanta has emerged as one of the busiest technology hubs in the United States, and it has all happened in the last five years. These Atlanta top startups point to what entrepreneurial talent and intelligent investors can do to create a prosperous environment.

Not all Atlanta top startups are unicorns. However, they are a large part of the vibrant technology ecosystem in the Southeast. The network of excellent technical schools could explain the rise of big technology businesses. These include Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Vanderbilt and Xavier.

The city is at the center of a campaign to reinvest local startups and diversify. The support of private and government agencies encouraged such large technology companies Apples To establish their faith in this region. Other big companies call Atlanta their home, such as the Coca-Cola Company, Infosys, UPS and Equifax. Interestingly, they also started as startups.

13 startups in Atlanta that you need to find

Big Peach is also known as “Silicon Valley of the South”. However, most people will agree that it is much more than that. Atlanta has a level of cultural diversity that is not present in most technology-centric centers, leading to startups in everything from health technology to blockchain. The top Atlanta startups on this list are certainly good at a sense of technology diversity.

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Agora service

Agora service

Agora Services A fintech company provides community banks and credit unions with a cloud-based platform for their banking solutions. When using their Lego box, customers can choose to create their products. They may also choose to subscribe to a plug-and-play bundled plan. Customers can manage accounts in real-time without the need to replace their original banking systems.

Agora’s goal is to help customers improve the customer experience with fintech features without having to pay a fintech price. Furthermore, solutions are easily integrated into existing systems.

Led by Arcady Lapiro, CEO of Agora Services and Shekhar Khakurdikar, CTO. It has received 2 2 million in investor funding since its inception in 2018. Startup Hostel RKD talks to Lapiro about “modular banking” The episode will air on November 9, 2021.


Fixed A membership platform that helps the gig economy. Members who use the free Steady app can find location-based work that they can do next. In addition, the platform allows members to filter tasks that suit their needs and circumstances

As one of Atlanta’s top startups, Study aims to help members supplement their income. The app can be very useful right now because a lot of people want to do it. The study also provides emergency cash grants for members who need it most.

Basketball Hall of Fame is co-founded by Shakil O’Neill, led by Steady CEO Adam Roseman and COO Ozgur Uzunar. It has received a total of 29.5 million in funding since its launch in mid-2017.


Boxlock Specializes in secure missing delivery technology. It provides subscription-based inventory, access and security solutions to help companies save money. Also, its SaaS solutions are integrated with current operations, supply chain and materials management systems.

BoxLock aims to help businesses grow through real-time inventory access, visibility and security. The system makes the supply chain more accountable, efficient and reliable when storing and transferring resources.

Led by CEO Brad Ruffkess and Chief Delivery Officer Mike Glass, BoxLock has received a total of 5.3 million in funding since 2017.

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Relay payment

Relay payment An end-to-end payment network that offers new payment options for logistics companies. Payment systems are integrated with transport management software (TMS). As a result, carriers, brokers, shippers and drivers can use it to make safe and instant payments.

The goal of relay payments is to make lumper payments more efficient. As a result, drivers can quickly return to the road to maximize service hours. Led by CEO Ryan Droz and President Spencer Barkoff, Relay Payments is one of Atlanta’s top startups that has received impressive investor funding of $ 43 million since 2019.

Innovative solution

Innovative solution An IT support company that provides technical advice and managed services for companies from medium to large. It provides project implementation and staff growth. The goal is to provide clients with the IT professionals they need for digital transformation.

CEO Camryn (Skladany) Mastel and Director for Talent Experience Casey are leading the Siga-Ridge company.

Safety of the flock

Safety of the flock Public safety software that uses cameras and devices. With this device, the software can detect objective evidence, decode it using machine learning, and pass the information on to authorities. Instead of using the face, the software uses the license plate as evidence. It can identify the type, manufacture and color of the vehicle that is suspected to be involved in the crime.

The goal of Flock Safety is to help communities and law enforcement in 1,200 cities end crime using neutral vehicle fingerprint technology and machine learning. Communities running on software reduce crime by up to 70%

CEO Garrett Langley and CTO Matt Fury are leading Flock Safety. The company has received a total of 0 230.6 million in funding since 2017.

Greenwood Bank

Greenwood Bank: Mobile banking for black and Latino business owners

Greenwood Bank Black and Latin is a mobile banking platform for people and business owners. As one of Atlanta’s top startups, it offers top-notch digital banking services and innovative ways to give back to the community. The company is the brainchild of rapper-activist Killer Mike and Ryan Glover, founder of Bounce TV and Greenwood chairman of the board.

Greenwood’s goal is to create a financial platform that meets the needs of minorities. Greenwood Bank has received a total of $ 43 million in investor funds since 2020. Greenwood Bank hopes to be ready for public access. In early 2022.


Padsplit An affordable housing tech startup that meets the shelter needs of ordinary workers. The platform aims to connect residents, property owners, and the community to share.

The goal of Padsplit is to help people find a place to stay that they can afford. The startup is led by founder Atticus LeBlanc and COO Frank Furman. The company has raised $ 14.7 million in investor funding since 2017.

Startup Hostel Atticus talks with Le Blank about “removing barriers to entry.” The episode will air on October 28, 2021.

The speaker

The speaker A woman-founded fintech company. It provides a software application platform for managing digital resources such as gaming tokens and cryptocurrencies. Bakkt also manages loyalty and rewards points and gift cards.

Bakkt aims to help institutional clients in an end-to-end controlled market. Users can track, spend and send digital resources from one platform.

Led by Adam White as president and Sheila Gemlin as chief revenue officer, Wakt has raised a total of $ 482.5 million in investor funds since 2018.

Bark It is an AI-capable parental control software It identifies and actively warns parents about the problems their children face. These include cyber bullying, the idea of ​​self-harm and the threat of school shootings. It partners with schools and parents to address these issues

Burke’s goal is to keep children safe online and in real life. Its algorithm only shows parents the potential problems with their children’s social media, text messaging and email accounts.

Burke’s approach helps build trust between parent and child, saving parents valuable time. Led by CEO Brian Besson and CTO Brandon Hillcart, the company has raised a total of $ 37 million in investor funding.


Layer An InsurTech company that matches companies with the right commercial insurance through top-rated carriers at the right price. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to do this. The application is 100% online so it is convenient. In addition, a team of expert brokers is always available to help with any questions along the way.

As part of Atlanta’s top startup circle, Lair’s goal is to enable small companies to get the insurance liability they need. Moreover, they pay monthly instead of using an annual credit card. This is a convenient and affordable way to get business insurance.

Layer is under the stewardship of co-founder Philip Naples as CEO and Andrew Egens as head of products. The company has raised a total of $ 5.6 million in investor funds since 2016.

Bitcoin Depot

Bitcoin Depot The largest cryptocurrency ATM network in the United States and an INC 5000 company It allows users to instantly buy and sell more than 30 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin depots have thousands of locations across the United States.

The goal of Bitcoin Depot is to bring cryptocurrency to the public. It provides users with a secure, convenient and fast way to transact. Bitcoin Depot is headed by President and CEO Brandon Mintz and CFO Scott Buchanan.


Clear An insurance verification solution. The company offers a secure solution for businesses and individuals to share verified personal information. It specializes in cyber security, identity, identity verification and security of personal information.

The company’s goal is to enable businesses to know who they are working with without managing sensitive personal data. Led by CEO David Thomas and Chief Product Officer Nathan Roy, Evident has raised $ 28.8 million in investor funding since 2016.

Atlanta Top Startups Roll 7

Top Atlanta startups have everything from celebrity founders and cryptocurrencies to little boy-looking businesses. Considering the attitude of the entrepreneurs of the city and the favorable technological environment, it is not surprising. Many of the companies on the list have received significant amounts of funding and community support.

Many of these startups offer or rely on software to do business. As a result, they need top tech talent to do it for the whole day. If you’re thinking of moving into the Atlanta technology business community, consider Full scale To help you find the people you need.

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