Awakening Part Two – Hope and Renewal


Any doctor will tell you ‘where there is life there is hope’ which is an innate quality of the human soul. The dictionary defines the soul as the ‘life force’. The power of life manifests itself as the primary and strongest desire to survive and it is connected to our will. Our energy to move and continue through life’s challenges is biologically connected to every cell in our body. It lives in our bones as the DNA of our ancestors Thousands of years old. The desire to survive and to overcome adversity is a treasure of our human evolution, which shines with hope.

Hope in Chinese medicine is related to spring, the season where nature promises new life. Spring has an upwardly growing quality of consciousness and hope that is seen as a rapid growth and explosion of buds and seeds. Waking up for a new life usually involves some resistance. In nature the seed has to break a hard shell. There is some struggle before growth because life pushes for its new position.

In Chinese medicine we acknowledge that changes in the environment around us directly affect our inner world. These affect our body-mind as a whole system. Our ‘health depends on our ability to adapt to change’. In other words our resilience, both physical and mental. In times of great change, as it is now, it is important to actively nurture the well-being of our minds and bodies to support the growth of our new life.

Three tips to support change management and wellness

1 Take care of your liver In China, the liver is most affected by organ transplants. In health, the liver regulates the free flow of emotions and protects digestion. Major changes take a lot of mental-emotional energy to digest which can disrupt the effectiveness of free flow resulting in irritability, frustration, depression, hopelessness, low motivation. Physically it can cause digestive disorders, appetite disturbances, up and down vitality.

Suggestion: Hot water and half a lemon juice in the morning 30 minutes before anything else. Reduce alcohol, fat and sugar. Eat and sleep at regular times

2. Take care of your kidneys In Chinese, the kidneys provide ‘battery’ energy for the whole body. They give us the strength to endure adversity and keep going when we have a hard time. We exhaust our ‘batteries’ through overwork and overuse of will, for example, pushing our energy when we get tired. Symptoms such as lower back pain, frequent urination, irresistible panic and fear, edema, hearing loss and tinnitus can result from this loss of energy.

Suggestion: Rest when you are tired, practice recovery yoga “feet on the wall” bone broth soup, slowly digest easy cooked food. Time to stay calm and steady

3. Listen to the ‘know’ of your heart In Chinese medicine our consciousness / knowledge refers to the thought function of the mind, these two functions of the mind are guided by the heart. Living by our heart is about staying awake and being aware of what is important to ourselves and others. From this place we can always rise above the challenge of our situation and see from a higher perspective. Unbalanced heart energy can cause feelings of isolation from others, insomnia, anxiety, chest discomfort, difficulty expressing what you want to express, out of control or over control.

Suggestions: Keep your heart light, play, sing, dance, smile, tell stories to others. Avoid excessive stimulation of the mind and emotions. Take time for prayer / meditation / nature.

Good health is the foundation of a successful life. Hope is the key to creating a new life and it needs to be nurtured. Taking care of our organs takes care of our energy and our mind.

Tasnimul Rafi
Tasnimul Rafi
Chief Executive Officer of Raw marketer, Online editor, Author

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