eScent showcases first use of its transformative tech with an innovative scent delivery system


Dr. Jenny Jenny Tiltson’s Ascent Mask

eScent Has completed its first concept project to create a reusable, improved FFP3 facemask that provides “personal safety assurance” through a patented self-administered perfume delivery system to help reduce emotional distress.

The Transformative Tech Company – funded by the £ 175,000 Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Fund Award – is leading a new class in the digital scent domain: wearable platform technology that enables the creation of a unique conversion welfare experience.

According to mental health charities, Mind, One in four people in England will experience mental health problems each year, while one in six will experience general mental health problems such as anxiety and depression in a given week.

After the epidemic, addiction and suicide rates are at an all-time high, and loneliness has reached epidemic proportions. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 500 million people suffer from anxiety and depression.

Wearing a face mask certainly did not help the situation. Many of us have had first-hand experience during lockdown limitations, uncomfortable wearing facemasks. They retain moisture, irritate the skin and create psychological barriers, as well as cause panic and breathing problems.

As the epidemic progressed it had a particularly negative psychological impact on NHS staff, many of whom experienced PTSD, anxiety, depression and a burning state. According to a BMA survey During the epidemic, 44% of the 7,000 doctors said they were suffering from depression, anxiety / stress or other mental health conditions.

On top of that, one-time PPE use is destructive ecosystems and polluted oceans. About 129 billion disposable masks, mostly made from plastic microfibers, and 65 billion disposable gloves were used every month during the epidemic Environmental science and technology.

This combined concern, combined with the growing environmental emergency, provides an opportunity to build a society more complementary to the global consciousness. To that end, eScent has partnered Imagination factory And Anchor-in to develop a reusable advanced FFP3 facemask “Personal Protective Guarantee” -That is, a personalized and renewable perfume system as a self-distributed biofeedback intervention for mental distress.

Protected by several award-winning and pending patents, Ascent is a product concept that integrates hardware, software and subscription-based fragrance services as catalysts to improve health, mental well-being and performance.

Jenny Tiltson, founder of eScent, said: “We are on a mission to recover humanity from the epidemic and reconnect with our most primitive senses – our sense of smell.

“EScent can be integrated into multiple different form factors, resulting in many uses and benefits. It’s going to be a very exciting 18 months.

About EScent

eScent is a transformative technology that helps mankind refine the use of good smells. eScent is an intelligent way of distributing perfumes এবং and other liquids যা that ensure greater personal protection and are bio-synchronized with the wearer’s physical and mental condition. eScent includes smart sensors, combined with AI and voice analytics, that can detect early increases in stress and other biometric parameters. These sensors then initiate the release of local scented clouds – a “Scented Bubbles” – The moment that changes moment by moment, the reaction and the expectation of the wearer’s mood at just the right time. The patented wearable platform technology and AI-powered liquid dispenser can be used in wearable items including masks, garments buttons, jewelry, smart textiles and AR / VR headsets.

Tasnimul Rafi
Tasnimul Rafi
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