Facebook a threat to democracy: Nobel laureate Maria Resa

    Maria Resa, a journalist from the Philippines who won the Nobel Peace Prize, said Facebook authorities had failed to stop the spread of hate and fake information. Through this, social media is creating a threat to democracy. News Reuters.

    Maria Resa won the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov. They won the Nobel Prize last Friday in recognition of their fight for freedom of expression. Maria Resa told Reuters in an exclusive interview after winning the Nobel on Saturday.

    In an interview, Maria Resa said, ‘Facebook is the largest news provider in the world. The organization’s algorithm failed to prioritize preventing the spread of false information and hatred. Even Facebook is biased in its disclosure of information and journalism. ‘

    Commenting that Facebook is creating a challenge to democracy, Maria Resa said, ‘If you don’t have the information, you can’t know and believe the real truth. And the lack of all this weakens democracy. ‘

    Reuters contacted a Facebook representative in the Philippines to comment on Maria Racer’s comments. However, he did not respond.

    Maria Resa made the remarks at a time when Frances Haugen, a former employee of the organization, had accused the company of failing to stop the spread of “scary and anti-Muslim” content on social media. He has recently come under discussion after leaking some internal research and documents of Facebook to the media.

    Frances Haugen, who took part in the US Senate hearing, said: Facebook can’t identify much content because it doesn’t have an algorithm to understand Hindi and Bengali words. This is one of the reasons for spreading false information and racial violence in the world. “

    Again service disruption, Facebook regrets

    For the second time in a week, Facebook has officially apologized to users for the service disruption. Users said that the main services owned by Facebook such as Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger are not being used on Friday night Bangladesh time. They were deprived of these services for about two hours.

    A spokesman for Facebook told Reuters: “We have seen reports of disruptions in the use of Facebook and its services. We solved it quickly. We sincerely apologize to those who could not use our products. ‘

    Earlier, all the services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were suddenly shut down last Monday night. Facebook launched the service after being shut down around the world for about six hours. Santosh Janardhan, the technology company’s vice president for infrastructure, said the problem was due to “changes in the configuration” of Facebook’s router.

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