How to earn 1,000 rs. per day with 50,000 rs.?


If i knew the method of earning 1,000 rupees a day for rs. 50,000, i would have earned 20,000 rupees per day. my bank account is lying around rs 10 lakh. after six months, the bank added a few rupees, that’s my income from this money.

  • Invest money properly
  • Work hard
  • Start selling
  • Be patient

Now let’s see if it’s really possible to earn rs. 1,000 per day for rs. 50,000. apparently, it’s not possible. but it can be made possible if you can use the money properly.

Don’t think of yourself as a capitalist with 50,000 rupees, you can’t do anything with this money if you think you’ll earn 50,000 rupees, don’t work hard yourself. in fact, if you spend this rs. 50,000 on creating your own employment, you can earn rs. 1,000 per day.

in this case you can trade fish, a very profitable business with relatively low capital. buying fish worth rs. 5-6,000 per day doesn’t matter if you know how to sell it for rs. 7-8,000.

You can also trade torn notes with this money. it sounds ridiculous but someone i know makes more than a thousand rupees every day by doing this business. he doesn’t do anything, he goes to the market in the afternoon. one day goes to the market of two or three villages around his village. he collected torn notes from the people there and purchased 500 rupee notes at 250,300,350 such prices. then he changed it with a very small amount of money from the bank.

You have to work hard to earn rs. 1,000 per day using rs. 50,000. if someone says that he can legitimately earn rs. 1,000 per day for rs. 50,000 without any hard work, he is probably lying.

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