How to Interrupt the Pattern of Fighting

    Have you ever been drawn to a fight with a loved one where যখন when you were on your knees কে who was “right” and who was “wrong” সম perhaps the most trivial matter যেন it seemed as if, somehow, your very life depended on the outcome of that fight?

    We’ve all had moments like this, probably many times; Which is why it seems strange that we haven’t seen the following yet: There’s no such thing as a “winner” in any fight between two people who love each other, multiple seats on the deck have proven themselves better than the other on the Titanic.

    Our claim never proves that we are right, more than our negativity proves that our partner is wrong. This kind of pressure and pressure between us only proves it We are missing at least a part of the puzzle In that struggle with our partner.

    What’s missing? We can call it “love”. But if words – or even ideals – have the power to unite us when everything seems to be trying to separate us – especially during combat – then all we have to do is call that word out, and our world will suddenly recover.

    Love is not just a word; This is an action. It is a choice that we realize when we see it আলো in the light of a higher order of understanding যে that there is something more important in that moment than the struggle to fulfill our own self-centered interests.

    In this instance, such a new move is to use the onset of any conflict, regardless of who initiates it … to fight for something higher than the next “King of the Mountains”. In other words, instead of fighting with your partner, fight Remember how destructive it is for your love to tear each other apart… on something.

    Let me guess what you might feel right now and answer that fear: any thoughts that try to tell you, don’t fight to “climb up” to warn you, but, if I don’t fight, my partner Walk on me. ”Instead, fight to see how much pain there is in any obligation to fight – your partner, or your own – to say the last word. Then you don’t want to win that kind of power for yourself and you don’t want to punish your partner for it either.

    If we dare to interrupt the normal way of fighting with our partner – take enough time to consider this new action – we will see in that moment what love is trying to show us all the time: any argument with our partner – where we have to prove one. Trying we are right, and the other is wrong – is No. Because we know “good” and it certainly is No. Born out of love. In these moments, we fight for a cause, and for a reason no matter how you want to call it: Love is missing.

    In the same way, this is what we need to know, because when the time comes to say that, we will no longer be tempted to find a false solution. If we see that love, no matter how vague, is the only answer, then we know that our new reaction must refuse to fight.

    On another note: yes, your partner probably doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do, and still wants to fight. But, eventually, they will see how useless fighting is when they can’t fight “old you”. Every time you like to leave them there with their hostility, but if there is no “enemy” to legitimize it, they will have no choice but to let them go, no matter what “it” is at that moment. This may take some time, but you will soon see the birth of a completely new relationship between the two of you.

    Photo courtesy: By photo Afif Kusuma On Unsplash

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