James Bond: How similar is the real espionage to the movie’s spy story?


Finally! Late due to the epidemic, also a sudden change of director – the new James Bond movie ‘No Time to Die’ appeared on the silver screen after a long delay due to various reasons. This is the 25th Bond movie in the James Bond series. Also, actor Daniel Craig is leaving the role of James Bond after this film.

All in all, ‘No Time to Die’ has responded for various reasons. The film received rave reviews from critics, five-star brand reviews and long waits. But when we see James Bond, the film’s spy hero, working for the British spy agency MI6, is his work style full of fiction or is this how the spies of MI6 actually work?

Secret Intelligence Service MI6

How do British spies work?

The real name of MI6 is Secret Intelligence Service or SIS. MI6 is a British intelligence agency that collects and analyzes intelligence from other parts of the world through espionage. So what is the difference between James Bond espionage and the way an intelligence agency works in today’s digital age?

“The biggest difference is that the espionage we see in the Bond movies is not the same as our espionage. We work much more co-ordinatedly,” says MI6 officer Sam (not his real name). “Alone, it’s very rare for any of us to have a spy working without help – it doesn’t really happen. We work in a team – we have a whole security team around us.”

Sam has made a career as a case officer at MI6. His specialty is anti-terrorist intelligence work. Before the release of the Bond picture, I asked permission to speak to some of the people who are currently working as intelligence officers at the agency.

My question was – if you’re not like James Bond, what kind of spy are you, MI6 detectives? How do you work at the company’s headquarters or “on foreign soil”?

“We have to work in many different roles,” said another officer, Tara (not even his real name). “We have responsibilities to recruit spies abroad, to keep in touch with them, to monitor their work. We need technology experts. We have a communication team. We have to keep a close eye on where things are happening – we have everyone there. To stay ahead. “

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