List of Software Developer Jobs in the Philippines


As businesses embrace digital transformation, companies are offering qualified developer jobs to qualified candidates. Find out which software development career is right for you.

If you visit online job portals, you will find hundreds of software developer jobs available in the Philippines. Companies are hiring people who are good at coding, designing, testing and debugging various types of software.

The number of vacancies alone indicates that the demand for software developers in the country is very high. As a result, it is one of the professions Top paid IT jobs in the Philippines.

A company that offers jobs as a software developer Full scale. We are one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country. And, the company is looking for developers at all levels.

Before we dive into the top available software development tasks, let’s first define the nature of software developers.

What is a software developer?

Software developers plan, design, and develop computer programs. While some developers focus on developing mobile or desktop applications, others build the app’s built-in operating system.

Developers need to identify user needs, create applications, test them, and improve. They have two primary responsibilities:

  1. Use a variety of tools, frameworks, and technologies to write, debug, improve, and maintain software applications.
  2. Check to create applications, write documents and write code that can stand alone or increase access to servers and services.

There are three types of software developers:Frontend,. And Full stack. However, with the advent of new technologies come more developers who specialize in specific technology stacks. This leads to the hiring of various software development jobs.

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Jobs for software developers in the Philippines

If you are interested in a software development career in the Philippines, here is a list of the most sought after positions.

1. Frontend Developer

Specialists in the client-side of software development, they are responsible for website and app design. As such, these developers ensure that the interface of the website or app works well. In addition, they are responsible for:

  • Planning, design and structure of web pages
  • Ensure that all interface elements are functional and interactive
  • Cross-browser and device, responsive website creation
  • Website optimization
  • Create scalable design patterns to make the website flexible

In terms of technical expertise, companies need frontend developers:

  • Proficiency in user interface (UI) design and platform
  • Understand the principles of user experience (UX) design
  • Proficiency in CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Master of Graphic Design Tools (Illustrator, etc.)
  • Knowledge about SEO principles
  • Proficiency in developing responsive and measurable design

Also, frontend developers should be familiar with the framework, such as AngularJS, Amber JS, Backbone, Foundation, Bootstrap and much more.

In addition, many job list developers need to have knowledge of Ajax. It is a web development strategy that allows pages to be dynamically loaded by downloading server data in the background.

2. Backend Developer

As the name implies, backend development is the server-side of the software development process. Backend developers design, build, and improve server-side applications and databases. Therefore, they are responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining web or mobile applications
  • Writing high-efficiency, functional, and scalable code
  • Collect, define and communicate technical and design requirements
  • Collaborate with frontend developers to enhance the user experience
  • Compile and analyze data and processes for problem solving and improvement
  • Conduct UI and optimization tests

And to fulfill this responsibility they must have the following skills:

  • Fluency in various programming languages, such as PHP, Python, Java, C, C ++ and many more.
  • An in-depth understanding of the web development cycle
  • Strong knowledge of programming tools and techniques
  • Proficient in debugging, testing, documenting
  • Experience with different frameworks (Ruby, Laravel, Express, Django, etc.)
  • Practical knowledge of database systems (SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.)
  • Experience in web services (REST, SOAP, and more)

Backend developers need to have a deep understanding of programming language and software development process. In most cases, they need to integrate different services, such as caching, logging and email systems.

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3. Full-stack developer

Full-stack developers work both frontend and backend. They are able to develop a fully functional web application. As such, these developers should know a wide range of languages ​​and technical stacks. Their responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate with developers and project managers to come up with software solutions
  • Designing both client-side and server-side architectures
  • Manage and develop databases and applications
  • Writing effective APIs and security and data protection settings
  • Testing software for functionality and responsiveness
  • Troubleshooting, debugging and software upgrades
  • Writing technical documentation

The technical skills required for full-stack developers are:

  • Experience developing both desktop and mobile apps
  • Extensive knowledge of frontend programming languages ​​(HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, etc.)
  • In-depth knowledge of backend programming languages ​​(Python, Java, C ++, C #, etc.)
  • Familiarity with web server, database, UI, and UX design
  • Experienced in using various frameworks, platforms and tech stacks

In addition to these skills, full-stack developers should be well-organized. They must be analytical and pay close attention.

4. Mobile Developer

These developers specialize in writing code for applications running on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile developers must be well versed in the complexities of operating systems such as iOS and Android.

In addition, they are familiar with the frameworks and other tools used to create software using the operating systems mentioned. Their responsibilities include:

  • Creating fully functional mobile apps
  • To conceptualize, design, test, release and support mobile applications
  • Collecting requirements and providing solutions
  • Identify problems by writing UI and unit tests
  • Help improve UX by designing interfaces
  • Troubleshoot and optimize application performance by debugging
  • Maintain and improve the quality of new and inherited applications

The skills that companies need from mobile developers are:

  • Experience writing mobile applications
  • Proficiency in Android programming language (Kotlin, Java, C ++)
  • IOS programming language proficiency (Swift, Objective-C)
  • Understanding the development framework of both Android and iOS
  • Knowledge of APIs like Android, Apple iOS, Symbian and Windows Mobile
  • Experience with cross-platform suites (antenna)

With these skills, they can design and develop the next generation of mobile applications.

There are more available Jobs for software developers in the Philippines. You can find more job opportunities Here.

Technical interviews and examinations

Lots here That’s why companies like Filipino software developers. However, to be one, you need to be different during your technical tests and interviews.

The purpose of this interview and test is to test if you have the skills and attitudes required for the position. And if you want to do well during this test and interview, you have to prepare well. Here are some test and interview questions you may encounter:

Technical test

  • Programming test
  • Scenario test
  • Database test
  • UI / UX design test
  • Debugging and troubleshooting tests

Software Developer Technical Interview Questions

Here are the most common interview questions for software development jobs in the Philippines.

1. What programming language do you use most often? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

The goal of this question is to test your work knowledge. To answer this type of question, you need to show your skills in your particular programming language / s.

2. What kind of software development are you currently doing?

Interviewers ask this question to determine which type of software development project is best for you. Always emphasize the programming languages ​​and different technology stacks you are using. Additionally, it will be convenient to walk through the interviewer in your process.

3. What was the latest problem that you encountered? How did you solve it?

To answer this question, you need to talk in detail about your problem solving process. You can use the STAR (situation, work, action, result) method to explain your actions to remedy the problem. Your answer will tell the interviewer how you handle obstacles during development.

4. How do you handle conceptual conflicts when working with your team?

This is a question aimed at testing your interpersonal skills. Can you communicate your ideas better? How do you handle feedback or dissent?

Be sure to highlight your soft skills such as communication and leadership. In addition, your answer to this question will show interviewers how you fit into a team.

These questions will be your guide in preparing for your interview. However, during your actual interview you may face more complex questions and tests. But as long as you practice and have confidence in your skills, you will stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Become a full scale software developer

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