Mohammad Parvez Faruque wants to be a musician!

    Mohammad Parvez Faruque is a famous musical artist of Bangladesh. He was born on 17 September 1987. His father’s name is Md Omar Faruque Rahman and his mother’s name is Mrs. Rowshonara Begum.
    Mohammad Parvez Faruque was addicted to music since childhood. After many years of trying, he is today a successful musical artist. Day after day, his music began to gain fame.
    Have already been picked up by the audience. His suggestion for new musical artists is to work hard. If you have the desire to achieve something then you will definitely get success. He was once a normal boy. But now he is known by too many people just for his hard work and passion.

    Whenever he sees any injustice around, a protest song is played in his throat. He Said I will make music for the rest of my life.

    He usually sings about viral issues. Which usually wins the minds of the listeners quickly. Currently, his songs are spread all over the world. His songs are available on online music platforms

    Sayem Rahmaan
    Sayem Rahmaan
    Sayem Rahmaan is a popular journalist and writer in Bangladesh. He was born in Barisal on December 18, 2002. He highlighted the truth of various recent incidents in Bangladesh. Most of the news he has written has gone viral.

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