Patricia Cooper On Taking Things One Slice at a Time


One microstep I use to focus and prioritize is to come up with three goals for the day. I usually think of my goal in the morning when I wake up and let my dog ​​out. They may be small as a reminder to meditate or track my points, but when I limit myself to just three it allows me to mentally do more. Starting my day with this practice allows me to evaluate my priorities and focus on my goals without adding stress.

I started doing microsteps because I see that when I’m disciplined in one area, I naturally focus on the other. These small, science-backed steps help me reduce my overall stress and communicate more with myself.

To make connections at work, I recently shared one thing with the team that they were happy or proud of that week. It was a great way to check in with each other before we started the meeting. It is very important to me that my team knows I care about their well-being. Don’t want to report to someone who is more focused on the job than the person who is working. My goal is to invest in people, not in jobs, so taking time to make these connections is a priority for me.

If I could give you some advice on how to reduce stress, it would be: Don’t be overwhelmed by the whole thing, but take one piece at a time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we look at the mountain of work and responsibility in front of us, but it only takes one step forward. Remember you are improving as long as you move forward.

The trigger for my current joy is spending time with my brand new puppy. She was very happy to see me when I got home, and I could have stayed away from her with seemingly less care. To me, he is a reminder that we cannot recreate the past, but we can choose to enjoy our present moment. And I’m enjoying the present with him!

I recently joined Tess Bredesen’s nutrition workshop on Ask Thrive Live. It reminds me of the importance of being aware of when and what to eat. What we eat is a reflection of how we want to show the world and what we feel we deserve. It reminds me that whenever I am not busy with anything else, I enjoy the experience whenever I sit down for a meal.

Tasnimul Rafi
Tasnimul Rafi
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