People Are an Open Book, How to Read It?


In Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, there is an original library that is gaining momentum around the world and is called the “Human Library”. Here people do not come to borrow books but ask people to share their life stories.

Anyone can come and choose a person whose worldview or lifestyle is intriguing — such as a refugee or AIDS patient, a Tibetan monk or a soldier with PTSD, a transgender or drug addict — and have a thirty minute conversation with them.

In a well-preserved green garden in the heart of the city, interviewers will tell their life stories openly and calmly and the “reader” can ask questions without hesitation, and take part in the dialogue. The basis is to meet the oppressed living people in general and deal with them without any kind of prejudice or prohibition.

Our general story begins with the plan of creation, a pre-existing and ongoing plan that points to all the systems of nature and humanity. – Starting from the Big Bang, from the scattering of infinite number of particles in inanimate, vegetable, animate and human degrees, creation is going to connect all its parts, collect and group all its details and bring unity among all. Feelings of the wonderful harmonious power of animals and creation. That’s the whole story.

Michael Letman

Imagine if we could hear the stories of all the people in the world, whatever they are, we would discover a common theme: these are all stories of disruption and the impact of their environment on them, the results of their education as children, and the society that shaped them year after year. Gave.

In a divided and polarized world, it seems that tolerant human library initiatives can help people, both the narrator and the listener, but it can only confuse them both. The narrator speaks from his own point of view, captivated by their own narrative, because the story of any personal life really leads us to read the great and shared story, which ends in a happy humanity.

Our general story begins with the plan of creation, a pre-existing and ongoing plan that points to all the systems of nature and humanity. Beginning with the Big Bang, from the dispersion of infinite number of particles to inanimate, vegetable, living, and human degrees, creation continues to connect all its parts, collect and group all its details, and bring about unity among all. That’s the whole story.

The plot is complicated by the increasingly egotistical nature in each individual, another factor arising from the natural evolution of creation, which strengthens our sense of personality, sets us apart from others and makes us feel superior to the rest. Therefore, shared stories are ignored.

As a result, speakers at the Human Library identify their life story as a “bestseller” and it proudly reflects and reflects on their life experiences as if they were works of true heroism. Our innate human arrogant nature, instead of seeing the evil instincts that work in everyone from childhood to destroy others, has led us to abuse others as human society.

The narrator will naturally soften the problem, paint it in a certain color, give advice to others that are unlikely to follow them, and personal examples may confuse the listener. Instead of being influenced by the broad ego that governs society and prevents us from reaching the goal of creation and acknowledging that we have deviated from the purpose of life, we simply appreciate our created lifestyles and perpetuate and define them in beautiful words. The essence of life.

There are no restrictions or restraints on friendly people conversations, or a place to undo everyone’s identity, but the most important thing is to find and highlight the same hidden things in these personal stories, the whole story, the story of reconnection, the story of friendly and helpful relationships. This book is open to anyone and everyone.

Tasnimul Rafi
Tasnimul Rafi
Chief Executive Officer of Raw marketer, Online editor, Author

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