People use religion as a way whenever they try to do something wrong – Shovon Ahmed

    One of the vultures took a pledge from his father, “Dad, I will eat human flesh, please don’t bring it !!!” The vulture said, “All right, son, I’ll bring it in the evening.”

    The vulture flew away and brought the pork for the boy when he arrived. The child said, “Dad, this is pork, I want to eat human flesh.” The father said, “All right, son, I’ll bring it.”

    The vulture flew away and brought a dead beef. The child said, “Hey, you brought beef, where is the human flesh?” Then the vulture flew away, leaving the pork next to a mosque and the beef next to a temple !!

    In a short time, the bodies of hundreds of people fell in the communal riots there, and the father and son ate human flesh with great satisfaction. The child eats and asks, “Dad, how did so much human flesh come here?” The vulture said, “This is the human race.

    God created man as the best creature of creation, but in the name of religion they can be made more violent than animals.” The child said, “You have a lot of intelligence, Dad.” The vultures say, “Hey, damn !!! That’s what I’m learning from people, some of them use religion as an easy way out whenever they try to do something wrong.”

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