Rapper Towfique’s ‘Bokaman’

    Rapper Towfique Ahmed appeared with a different style of song. His new song titled 'Bokaman' has already been released.
    The artist released the song on his own YouTube channel on Saturday (June 19). It is seen that Towfique is performing in a luxury car Hummer! He had never been seen like this before.
    Although the video shows the impression of luxury, the artist has presented another philosophy in the words of the song as always! ‘Bokamne bhulechi lilakhela batibesto - khola cokhe dekhe maya kaya chakcikya’,That is the chorus of the song. The people of the song are RNB-pop-rap.
    In this context, Towfique Ahmed told rawmarketer, ‘This time I have worked outside my own circle. The desire to break and see oneself anew, even in songs and visuals. But there is something underlying the lyrics of the song, I believe my listeners will find it. Working with young video makers in my hometown Khulna was another pleasure. ’
    He added that 'Bokaman' was shot on the rooftop of Rampal Power Plant Highway and a luxury hotel in Khulna. The video was directed by the artist himself. Undoubtedly, he also thinks that the video production style of the song has become of international standard.
    Towfique Ahmed's latest released song was 'Chhaya Nei'. It is also released from its own channel. Conversations, conflicts and clashes of dual entities are observed in the lyrics of the song and in the video. It is also appreciated by the audience.
    Tasnimul Rafi
    Tasnimul Rafi
    Chief Executive Officer of Raw marketer, Online editor, Author

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