Samsung Galaxy A13 4G gets benchmarked with Exynos 850 chipset


While the 5G version Samsung Galaxy A13 was official As of the start of this month, the 4G model has yet to be announced. That should certainly change soon, however, as production has would have already started in India (which may be one of the main markets where this version will be sold).

In the meantime, someone in possession of a Galaxy A13 4G prototype decided to put it to the Geekbench test, and as usual, that means there is now a list of public results on the internet, showing how it’s done and also revealing some of its specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy A13 4G is compared with the Exynos 850 chipset

It’s not pretty, however, what Geekbench tells us. First off, the SoC at the helm is the Exynos 850, Samsung’s cheapest and least powerful chipset. This is associated with 3 GB of RAM in the unit that ran the benchmark test, although several memory options may be available at launch.

The phone runs at least Android 12, which means that there is a possibility that it will launch with the latest version of the operating system and thus get updates up to Android 14.

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