Shamim Al Mamun decided he remix rap beats and cover songs

    Shamim Al Mamun is a young music artist, digital marketer, social media influencer and entrepreneur. He has gained popularity in a very short time by creating various entertaining and awareness videos for social media platforms like Facebook,

    YouTube and Like App. Shamim Al Mamun is now studying at Madhupur Shaheed Smriti High School and College.

    Shamim introduced himself in 2021 as a digital marketer and music artist. At a young age he is now the director of a company, providing all the services of digital marketing, as well as composing music videos, rap songs in his studio.

    He began his career as CEO of Nexfluence. He is also the CEO of Sam Music Station. He writes and composes songs with young musicians in his studio.

    Originally, Shamim Al Mamun released his first soundtrack on SoundCloud in 2020, but after a while he officially released music after song after song on music streaming platforms, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and many more platforms. That’s why YouTube has officially verified its channel as a music artist.
    And he has gained popularity on other music platforms.

    Raw Marketer
    Raw Marketer
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