Surprising Benefits of Taking Breaks From Social Media and Our Phones


Countless Study Showed us that scrolling through our social media feeds can take a lot of time Loneliness, Social comparisons, and other mental health challenges. Our phones have become central to our social communications and professional networks, so taking a break can be difficult. But at the same time, accept Time is far away Our phones and devices can provide us with the opportunity to reset and reconnect with us and the people in our lives.

We’ve asked our Thrive community to share with us the benefits of taking time out of their devices. Which of these benefits resonates with you?

More time for the things that give us joy

“When you take a break from your phone, you not only get the time of your day, you can consciously allocate that time to something that gives you instant pleasure, such as making a cake, reading a book, taking a bath, going for a walk or even cleaning. Then, when you get back to your device, you actually get some messages that you received a little more. A break often allows us to appreciate something more, whatever it is. “

– Martha Reszoska Chavent, Management and Change Consultant, France

Good sleep

“I no longer sleep with my phone in my nightstand, and in fact, it’s not even in my room. This allows me to completely disconnect at night when I get down for bed. I became more refreshed and without a headache I never realized I had it until it happened! “

Julie Bronster, Personal and Executive Coach, Chicago, IL

Advanced focus

“I’ve made it a habit to take two 40-day breaks from social media every year – I call it Social Media Fast. One of the wonderful benefits of taking a break is that I can focus on achieving a specific goal – such as completing a book project without any confusion. In those days, this practice allowed me to literally calm my life and somewhat when social media was not part of our lives. “

-Dr. Nadine Collins, Female Leadership Specialist, Atlanta GA

Space for creativity

“Turning off my devices inspires new ideas. Staying in public relations and marketing, surfing online and across various social media sites is a constant part of my day. But I develop most of my creative ideas for media pitch, new content and new messaging when I use my devices Close-ups, either walking nature near the sea or forest, listening to the chirping of birds, or meeting friends – these are thoughtful and thoughtful moments when the absence of electronics allows for clear thinking.The time behind electronic devices makes ideas more creative And comes. “

– Jackie Abramanian, Corporate Communications Strategist, Kitari, ME

More energy

“The biggest thing I’ve noticed between taking a break from mobile devices and social media is increasing energy. Constantly staring at the screen and being overloaded with information can really be a drain on the mind, body and soul. Also, having a break allows me to connect more time and can also improve sleep!

Sharon K, Lynx, Holistic Wellness, Lincolnshire, UK

Deep connection

“One of the amazing benefits of taking a break from screens and social media is spending more quality time with myself, my kids, my pets and my garden. It becomes a time of presence, deep connection, active listening and deep bonding that is impossible when attention is distracted. I removed all notifications from my mobile apps and kept my phone just for taking pictures, which is my favorite, on weekends and at noon. When I’m away from the screen, a huge emotional space opens up. ”

Iona Vasilatu, Koch, Mallorca, Spain

The comparison is low

“A few months ago I took a weekend break from my phone. Over the weekend, I not only realized that my running thoughts and restless mind had calmed down but I had so much time to spend on my hobbies and personal projects that I was neglecting. When I start repeating this break from my phone, I start to feel more fulfilled and I don’t compare myself to everyone on social media because I knew I was deliberately spending time doing what I wanted to do. “

– Amal Mehik, Continuing Improvement Engineer, Syracuse, NY

Uninterrupted time with loved ones

“I like to take 48 hours off from social media on weekends, and I recommend it to my clients. Switching off enables me to be fully present with my loved ones without the temptation to check in on Instagram! I think I’m calm, happy and my Find more meaningful ways to use time.

Charlotte Swear Wellness, Wellness Practitioner, Manchester, UK

The ability to take us around

“I find that when I take a break from my smartphone, I really see what’s going on around me – whether it’s people, plants or animals. Just looking at the sky can be a great release. “

– Donna Peters, Senior Partner Consulting, Executive Coach, Atlanta, GA

More time to check in

“I created one hour of‘ device time out ’every day. I spend my days dealing with challenges and problems. During this time I tap into my heart and read about my spirituality (how do I feel?), Something inspiring, take a deep breath or listen to music. This time has been set aside for me to know where I am and where I need to go for that day. This time has allowed me to overcome negative energy, concentrate on my desires and find happiness and manage my emotions better. “

-Jerry Tucker, Vice-Chancellor of Austin Community College, Austin, TX

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Tasnimul Rafi
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