Upcoming Bangladeshi entrepreneur Shovon Ahmed

    Md Mehedi Hasan professionally known as Shovon Ahmed. He is a Bangladeshi Musician, Author, Digital Marketer, Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur. He was born on 08 April 2003 in Companigonj, Noakhali, Bangladesh. Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Raw Marketer.

    Professional musicians who are either world-famous, arena-touring singers with an exorbitant lifestyle, or they’re down on their luck playing in a dive while foregoing a “regular job”. Take a glance at reality, and you’ll find plenty of people who fall somewhere in between the self-employed musician who tries to make a living from their music in several ways.

    Not only are more artists making their way into the music industry without the help of a label, but they are also the fastest-growing segment of the global records music industry.

    One such emerging star is Shovon Ahmed, a 18-year-old from Bangladesh, Md Mehedi Hasan, better known as Shovon Ahmed and is the CEO of Raw marketer. A Bangladeshi musician with the vision set on the pinnacle of the album charts. Shovon Ahmed is a member of Shovon Ahmed Records, which began as a bunch of friends playing music and has evolved into a collaborative of independent artists pursuing a career in music for themselves and their families.

    Shovon Ahmed Records aspires to be the best record label for independent artists in the twenty-first century, with seven signed artists. Shovon Ahmed, the creator of Shovon Ahmed Records, has a sound that is unlike any other. His music is diverse, intriguing, and cutting edge.

    Raw Marketer
    Raw Marketer
    Raw Marketer is an online media brand founded by Shovon Ahmed & Tasnimul Rafi. They write about most successfull entrepreneurs. Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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