vivo unveils OriginOS Ocean, coming to nearly existing 50 devices


vivo yesterday unveiled its new OriginOS Ocean user interface. The company hosted a big event for its local audience, as the UI is still only available in China, overseas phones come with FuntouchOS. OriginOS Ocean is the second major release and brings revised visuals and more information available at a glance.

The manufacturer has released a list of all the phones that will receive the new OriginOS in the future, and it includes an impressive number of 47 different models. There are phones of all price ranges and ranges, dating back to the vivo NEX 3S of two years ago.

Vivo phones eligible for OriginOS Ocean
Vivo phones eligible for OriginOS Ocean

Vivo phones eligible for OriginOS Ocean

It should be noted that the deployment will be done in four batches. The first will debut in a few weeks, with the X70 and X60 series lined up for the beta, along with the latest iQOO phones and S series devices.

All phones will have a feature, roughly translated as “Child Guardian,” which will link the device to a parent’s device, and the adult can see how the phone is positioned and therefore can understand what the posture is. ‘child. There are also functions like how long the device has been used, which app is used and the option to activate vision protection.

In terms of safety and security, OriginOS Ocean will stop storing passwords, biometrics and other records on cloud platforms, unless the user specifically requests it.

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