Weekly poll results: Honor 60 Pro gets some love, the Honor 60 lives in its shadow


the Honor series 60 started shipping this Friday, but only to China. This raised a question: when will the new models be available in the rest of the world? For the Honor 50 series, it took several months for this to happen.

Which in turn prompted another question: Wasn’t it all the point to make Honor independent from Huawei so that it could better serve the rest of the world? It sounded like that, but Honor still appears to be a Chinese company.

Despite the re-establishment of access to Google’s mobile services – the Play Store, Maps, etc. Honor should probably put it in big bold type when launching new phones overseas to allay any doubts.

Results of the weekly poll: the Honor 60 Pro is loved, the Honor 60 lives in its shadow

This brings us to the phones themselves, starting with the Honor 60 Pro. It was clearly the favorite between the two models, largely because it offered larger upgrades over its 50-series counterpart – an overclocked chipset, an ultra-wide 50 MP camera, and high tops. – stereo speakers.

Results of the weekly poll: the Honor 60 Pro is loved, the Honor 60 lives in its shadow

No one had anything to say about switching from 100W to 66W fast charging. Have phones gotten to the point where charging is fast enough and it isn’t exciting to cut the charging time by a few minutes? May be.

Results of the weekly poll: the Honor 60 Pro is loved, the Honor 60 lives in its shadow

Reviewers seemed more concerned with the boring stuff – a microSD slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack, things that used to be common, but are now rare. Also, why don’t these high-end mid-range rangers have no water resistance? IP ratings also ceased to be exciting a while ago, but their absence is keenly felt.

Vanilla Honor 60 received a mixed reception, but more importantly, it stayed ahead of the option of picking up the older Honor 50 phone, which is starting to see discounts now that it’s been around for some time.

Poster: 6.78
Poster: 6.67

Screens: 6.78 “curved quad for the Honor 60 Pro • 6.67” double curved for the Honor 60

Finally, the vote suggests that a lot of people haven’t found an Honor model at the right price for them. Part of that may be the lack of an Honor 60 SE model, a cheaper alternative to the vanilla phone. But the Honor Magic3 is also lacking in some areas, so there is no flagship alternative.

It comes down to what we said at the start – Honor needs to put more effort into the global versions of its phones. It’s not even known when the Honor 60 series will be available overseas.

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