What is Business Proposal? Who founded it?


Business Proposal is an online platform that offers the latest business, celebrity, and technology news across USA. The platform also covers technology, finance, politics, strategy, life, sports, and more. The site also provides and analyzes business news and acts as an aggregator of top news stories from around the web. It also offers in-depth insight, data and analysis of the digital landscape, from e-commerce and payments to the Internet of Things and fintech. Business Proposal was founded by Shovon Ahmed in December 2021 and is based in New York, United States.

About Business Proposal

Business Proposal (businessproposal.net) could be a world news and life-style publication with many journalists in London, New York, city, la, Singapore and on the far side.

Our mission is to tell and encourage you with news and stories you would like and wish to grasp.

We strive to depart you with one thing valuable anytime you end reading, watching, or being attentive to our work.

We know that we have a tendency to square measure only one of the many publications seeking your attention in Associate in Nursing progressively busy world.

We square measure grateful for any time you pay with USA. Thank you.

Please reach ME at any time with suggestions, tips, questions, or issues.

Shovon Ahmed
Founder & CEO, Business Proposal
[email protected]

Raw Marketer
Raw Marketerhttps://rawmarketer.com
Raw Marketer is an online media brand founded by Shovon Ahmed & Tasnimul Rafi. They write about most successfull entrepreneurs. Dhaka, Bangladesh

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