Yogeeta Prabhakar of Y&Y Newyork: “Be a Muse”


Be music – please create your own position there, when I was 15, I entered the artist field which took me to an intellectual level, encouraged me to run with creative ideas that no one else would really understand.

HDoes a successful, strong and powerful woman navigate work, employee relationships, love and life in a world that still feels uncomfortable with strong women? In this interview series called “Power Women” we are talking to skilled women leaders who work, love and move on with life as a powerful woman to share their stories and experiences.

As a part of this series, I got a special pleasure from interviewing Yogita Prabhakar.

Co-founder of Y&Y New York, Yogita Prabhakar is dedicated to the project of solving people’s problems in the fashion industry, she is an industry expert in fashion and jewelry that sets her apart. Follow her on new upcoming trends that are accurate and supported by research to provide the best retail service to the customer. He also holds degrees in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers want to know you a little more. Can you tell us something about your childhood “backstory”?

Well I grew up in a business family that has a global import and export business, as well as making fashion, jewelry, luxury goods. Enjoy Paris Milan Fashion Week, in haute couture, they certainly got the best taste in fashion, and that was my first inspiration.

Can you tell us the story of our journey towards this particular career?

When I started working in the family business, when I improved my qualifications – I decided to build a career in this field.

Can you share the most interesting stories that have happened to you since you started your career?

In the beginning you go to an event or conference, you can meet a lot of new people, have a great conversation, then get to know another person as a famous person. Which certainly doesn’t give a shit about happiness.

You are a successful business leader. Which three character traits do you think were most important to your success? Can you share a story or example for everyone?

  • The first is confidence – I’ve seen a lot of people get nervous at events that people like you don’t really need when you have confidence.
  • Be music – please create your own position there, when I was 15, I entered the artist field that took me to an intellectual level, inspired me to be driven by creative ideas that no one else would really understand.
  • The last will be loyalty (loyalty is royalty) – when I started projects I needed people who could be loyal as a team, otherwise the reason for trust is lost and you can’t go further on your journey

All right, thank you for that. Now let’s focus on the initial focus of our interview. The premise of this series assumes that our society still feels uncomfortable with strong women. Why do you think so?

I think people should not be uncomfortable, things go on the basis of merit, can be a worthy candidate.

There is no need to shrink yourself to comfort others.

Without saying a name, can you share a story from your own experience that explains this idea?

Ok I have been in a similar situation, it is difficult to talk about such a sensitive issue. They could not see my inner strength because of my outward appearance.

What should a strong woman do in a context where she feels that people are uncomfortable around her?

She should be confident enough and brave enough. Make sure you are working for someone who is confident and willing to take risks. You’re always as good as the team you build, so be a talent magnet and surround yourself with the best and brightest.

What do we as a society need to do to change the discomfort around strong women?

Raise your voice and support each other, a woman is the creator of human life and she should be respected for it.

In my own experience, I have seen that often women have to endure ridiculous or uncomfortable situations in order to achieve success that men do not have to endure. Do you have a story like this from your own experience? Can you share it with us? N

Nothing like that.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge for women leaders that is not usually faced by their male colleagues?

Lack of women in power. Sponsorship – Adequate leaders are not sponsoring highly qualified women to speak for them.

Let’s take our discussion a little differently now. This is a question that almost everyone has to deal with. Was it difficult to adjust your personal and family life to your business and profession? For the benefit of our readers, can you clearly say what the struggle was?

Adjust it a little at the beginning but later you find time for personal and professional life. In the beginning it was really hard for me because if I didn’t give them time people would go crazy but somewhere they also understood my condition.

What was a tipping point to help you achieve a greater balance or greater balance between your career and personal life? What have you done to reach this balance?

I would definitely suggest meditating first to calm down and then solve problems to manage life.

I work in the beauty technology industry, so I am very interested to hear your philosophy or vision about beauty. In your role as a strong woman and leader, how much do you emphasize your appearance? Do you see beauty as something that exaggerates, or is it something that a leader has inherent value in a public context? Can you explain what you mean?

First of all I would say my best brand would be Bobby Brown. Beauty is a thing that every woman has a good note inside. I don’t think beauty is absolutely excessive. To me it includes all the art, all the emotions, the very soul. There are many definitions of beauty.

How is it the same or different for men? Even men can use makeup, everyone can be part of beauty, it is not gender based.

All right, super. Here is the main question of our interview. Based on your feedback and experience, “What are the five things you need to do to improve and succeed as a strong woman?” (Please share a story or example for everyone.)

  1. Self-awareness – when we are not even aware of our own habits, routines, emotions and reactions, we no longer control them – they control us.
  2. Emotions I am passionate about self-improvement and self-improvement in my personal life. I always want to challenge myself and learn new things
  3. Positive mindset – Having a positive mindset means turning positive thinking into a habit, constantly searching for silver lining and making the best of the situation you find yourself in
  4. Trusted Network – Seek positive feedback from trusted loved ones
  5. Focus- Since the company’s focus is on a niche market, it becomes a focus strategy. There are four primary areas of strategic focus: design, production, distribution and service.

We are very thankful that some prominent names in business, VC funding, sports and entertainment read this column. Is there anyone in the world, or in the United States, with whom you would like to have a private breakfast or lunch and why? If we tag them, he’ll probably see it.

I would definitely like to have a private breakfast with the people of Besmar Venture and Sequoia

Thank you for this fantastic insight. We appreciate the time you have spent.

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